OpenFace is an open source tool intended for computer vision and machine learning researchers, the affective computing community and people interested in building interactive applications based on facial behavior analysis. It is the first open source tool capable of facial landmark detection, head pose estimation, facial action unit recognition, and eye-gaze estimation. The computer vision algorithms which represent the core of OpenFace demonstrate state-of-the-art results in all of the above mentioned tasks. Furthermore, the tool is capable of real-time performance and is able to run from a simple webcam without any specialist hardware. Finally, OpenFace allows for easy integration with other applications and devices through a lightweight messaging system.

We released OpenFace version 2.0 in 2018 with remarkably improved performance from the inaugural version of OpenFace and are presently working towards releasing version 3.0!


Overall system

OpenFace 2.0: Facial Behavior Analysis Toolkit Tadas Baltrušaitis, Amir Zadeh, Yao Chong Lim, and Louis-Philippe Morency, IEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, 2018

Facial landmark detection and tracking

Convolutional experts constrained local model for facial landmark detection A. Zadeh, T. Baltrušaitis, and Louis-Philippe Morency. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops, 2017

Constrained Local Neural Fields for robust facial landmark detection in the wild Tadas Baltrušaitis, Peter Robinson, and Louis-Philippe Morency. in IEEE Int. Conference on Computer Vision Workshops, 300 Faces in-the-Wild Challenge, 2013.

Eye gaze tracking

Rendering of Eyes for Eye-Shape Registration and Gaze Estimation Erroll Wood, Tadas Baltrušaitis, Xucong Zhang, Yusuke Sugano, Peter Robinson, and Andreas Bulling in IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2015

Facial Action Unit detection

Cross-dataset learning and person-specific normalisation for automatic Action Unit detection Tadas Baltrušaitis, Marwa Mahmoud, and Peter Robinson in Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis ChallengeIEEE International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, 2015