OCTAB: Online Crowdsourcing Tool for Annotations of Behaviors in Videos

Octab is a web-based annotation tool that allows precise and convenient annotations of micro events or behaviors in videos, which can be used directly with Amazon Mechanical Turk. It has been shown that crowdsourcing with OCTAB can be an effective method for obtaining high-quality micro-level behavior annotations in videos.

  • Sunghyun Park, Philippa Shoemark, and Louis-Philippe Morency. “Toward Crowdsourcing Micro-Level Behavior Annotations: The Challenges of Interface, Training, and Generalization,” 2014 Int’l Conf. on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2014), Feb. 2014. download pdf
  • Sunghyun Park, Gelareh Mohammadi, Ron Artstein, and Louis-Philippe Morency. “Crowdsourcing Micro-Level Multimedia Annotations: The Challenges of Evaluation and Interface,” The Int’l ACM Workshop on Crowdsourcing for Multimedia held in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2012 (CrowdMM 2012), Oct.-Nov., 2012. download pdf

The annotation and training software is freely available for research. For now, please e-mail park [at] to use it. Thanks.