Four papers in Face and Gesture 2017 on Facial Landmark & Expression Detection and Suicidal Ideation.

March 20, 2017

Members of the MultiComp Lab had 4 papers accepted at Face and Gesture 2017 (FG’17,

Investigating Facial Behavior Indicators of Suicidal Ideation” (Laksana et. al.) explores how smiling, frowning, eyebrow raising, and head motion behaviors correlate with suiciadal tendencies.

Local-Global Landmark Confidences for Face Recognition”  (Kim et. al.) fuse local confidence based on local predictors of each facial landmark, and global confidence based on a 3D rendered face model to improve the quality of Face Recognition.

Constrained Ensemble Initialization for Facial Landmark Tracking in Video” (Li et. al.) describe a novel initialization procedure that can help with cascaded regression based facial landmark detection and tracking in videos

Curriculum Learning for Facial Expression Recognition”  (Gui et. al.) present a novel learning technique for deep learning methods that leads to better generalization for emotion recognition from facial expressions.