For Visiting Scholars

You will find in this webpage a series of most frequently asked questions by students and scholars who would like to visit Carnegie Mellon University and the MultiComp Lab for an internship or extended visit.

Q.Do you accept visitors for fall/spring/summer?

We have very limited space to host visiting scholars at the MultiComp Lab. For this reason, we often must refuse visiting requests. We apologize in advance if we cannot accommodate your request. For students who would like to visit CMU and MultiComp Lab, we suggest having the initial request done by your advisor or professor.

Q.How long can a visitor join the MultiComp lab?

Since it takes some time for a new visitor to be well integrated in the group, we prefer visiting scholars who stay at least 4 months with the MultiComp Lab. The maximum length of the visit is 1 year.

Q.Is funding available visiting scholars?

At this moment, we do not have openings for funded visiting position. Most visiting scholars (student, postdoc, or faculty) at CMU MultiComp Lab come with their own funding. This funding should support expenses such travel, lodging, and insurance.

Q.Is it possible to do a summer internship at MultiComp Lab?

We accept at the occasion student interns for the summer. Priority is usually given to students who already have research experience in multimodal interaction and machine learning. If you are interested in a summer internship at MultiComp Lab, we suggest contacting Prof. Morency around January to inquire about availability.

Q.Is it possible to do a short-term visit?

We usually prefer longer visits since it allows for the visiting scholar to better integrate in the group. Also, since we have limited available space, we usually cannot accommodate short-term visits.